Piano Concerto No. 17, I. Praeludium (2nd Edition-Orch.-Piano Minus 1)

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Piano Concerto No. 17 “In Baroque Style,” (I. Praeludium 2nd Edition Piano Minus 1) is dedicated to composer's friend, Irina Ovtchinnikova, who is a marvelous pianist and harpsichordist. The concept of this concerto was to write something in baroque style that would be accessible to younger students. This work in E minor consists of three contrasting movements: Praeludium, Air sur la jeunesse éternelle and Ricercare, and has German, French and Italian baroque flavors. Young pianists will find this work quite engaging since it serves as a good showcase for the performance of contrapuntal texture, where two or more melodic lines intertwine. The use of ornamentation is also incorporated.