Tribute to the Masters: Six Original Pieces Inspired by Timeless Composers 

         Alexander Peskanov writes beautifully in a wide variety of styles and moods; the pieces range from lyrical to upbeat to dynamic and impassioned. Each piece is full of interesting musical ideas and harmonies.

-- American Music Teacher

Musical Gallery, Book 1 

         A story accompanies each of the 10 solos in this collection as well as valuable practice tips that Peskanov directs towards teachers. The last piece, "Calliope," is a duet for teacher and student that will illicit smiles from the performers. Other pieces are "The Clock," "Ukrainian Lullaby," and "Cinderella's Dream." The composer gives a little story about the genesis of each of the compositions.

-- Clavier Magazine

Musical Gallery, Book 2 

         Musical Gallery, Book 2 by Alexander Peskanov includes 10 modern pieces that will appeal to youngsters. Always interested in pedagogy, Peskanov, who authored The Russian Technical Regimen for the Piano, offers teaching opportunities with these well-structured compositions. At the beginning of each selection, he tells the story of the inspiration behind each piece and includes some practice tips. Some of the titles are "Rumanian Dance," "Chromatic Blues,""Mohican Ballade," and "A Christmas Wish."

-- Clavier Magazine

Ghost Story 

         Grace notes, sforzandos, accelerandos, pedal effects and extreme registers combine to paint a colorful aural image of spirits. "Ghost Story" is almost seven pages long, including a three page da capo, and may provide reading challenges for some students, as it is in C# minor with extra accidentals. Broken octaves in the right hand prefaced by grace notes and accompanied by rolled chords in the left hand that span a tenth lasts for one entire page of the piece. The remainder is highly patterned, and "Ghost Story" should be fun to play after initial reading challenges are mastered.

-- Clavier Magazine

         Some readers will remember Alek Peskanov's impressive lecture/recital at the 1995 EPTA conference. Peskanov's music is lighthearted and very much influenced by popular music of the 20th century. This influence is most obvious in "My Baby's Rag" which is every beat a foot-tapping ragtime piece the title would lead you to expect. "Lu Ann's Waltz" is a gentle sentimental piece minus the usual bass note, chord left hand pattern which would be too strident for this delicate melody. If you want a dreamy piece then you could float away on "Clouds" or close your eyes and listen to "Rain" as it drops in an insistent syncopated rhythm. "Russian Winter" is not a harsh or cold piece but perhaps reflects the stillness and silence the snow brings. The "Intermezzo" is a very beautiful and expressive piece whereas "Costa Rica" will have you counting like crazy as it switches back and forth from 10/8 to 8/8. I think that these pieces will be particularly appealing to teenagers in the later grades as they will satisfy the desire the student's often have to play something that is not Classical. At the same time, the music is extremely pianistic and well written. 

-- EPTA - European Piano Teachers Association Journal

         The pianist turned composer with his "Spirits of the Wind," "Lu Ann's Waltz," "Joker's Waltz" and his encores "Clouds" and "Perpetual Motion." Peskanov writes with a post-Rachmaninoffian flair. It took the audience no effort to identify with Peskanov's attractive composition style.

-- Salt Lake Tribune