• Piano Concerto No. 12 "Gypsy Concerto" (2nd Edition-Arr. for 2 Pianos-Digital)

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    Piano Concerto No. 12 “Gypsy Concerto”  (2nd Edition) is dedicated to Irina Mints, renowned piano teacher and dear friend. Her students have premiered many Peskanov concertos in England, Germany, United States and Russia. The inspiration for this work came from Alexander Peskanov’s childhood fascination with gypsy culture and music. He found many references of gypsy melodies and fiery rhythms in the works of such great composers as Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms. This concerto combines the wandering spirit, mystical beliefs and legends, and passionate melodies we seem to associate with the rich legacy of gypsy culture. Each movement of Concerto No. 12 tells a different story, and the harmonic language and rhythmical patterns are deeply rooted in the traditions of gypsy folk music.