Piano Concerto No. 11 "Concert Fantasy" (1st Edition-Complete Minus 1-Orchestra)

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Peskanov Piano Concerto No.11 "Concert Fantasy" consists of three movements.
"I. Amoureux - Primarily written in the treble clef, the pianistic textures sound impressive and rich for the level, and the harmonic colors are strikingly different from other Peskanov works. Clearly indicated note distribution between the hands and fingertips are provided in the score. The solo part interacts and engages with the orchestra., making this an effective two-piano work."

"II. Nostalgia - This is a contemplative movement with a popular sound and themes that are evocative of cinematic scores. Simple yet moving, this piece should easily attract and engage young students."

"III. Cakewalk - A rhythmic and motivic homage to a popular cakewalk by Debussy, this movement captures the spirit and character of the dance. The soloist and the orchestra take turns alternating between thematic material and accompaniment patterns, and the texture stays simple enough throughout  for the intermediate student to successfully manage. The pianistic writing includes a few changes of tempo, meter and key."

~ The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Concertos by Karen Beres and Christopher Hahn