• Musical Reflections (Later Elementary)

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    Nine original piano solos, composed by Alexander Peskanov, in the styles of composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th-Century periods of music. 

     • Processional (Homage to Handel) • Sarabande (Homage to Bach) • Anniversary Minuet (Homage to Haydn) 

     • Capriccio Brilliante (Homage to Beethoven) • West End Nocturne (Homage to Chopin) • Cantilena (Homage to Schumann)

     • Prelude (Homage to Tchaikovsky) • Pantomime (Homage to Shostakovich) • American Ballade (Homage to American Folk Music)

    It is published by Classical Video Concepts, Inc.